Carnival Launches New 'Bizbuilder' Travel Partner Resource

Carnival Cruise Lines has launched a new one-stop shop for travel partners to effectively and easily build their businesses with BizBuilder, available on Carnival’s travel agent portal, The resource is a new-and-improved version of the former Ad Wizard, and will feature everything from customization to real-time information.

“Over the last year, we chatted with numerous travel partners on how we could improve the marketing resources we offer them as a way to grow their business—one of the results of these conversations is BizBuilder,” said Joni Rein, vice president of worldwide sales. “We’re highly focused on how to be a true partner with the travel agent community by finding ways to help them best market themselves with ease and BizBuilder was created to do just that.”

BizBuilder offers customized and real-time information tools for travel partners to ensure their marketing materials are more effective than ever. Features include:

• A user-friendly and customized creation process for flyers. A drop-down menu used in creating collateral will automatically populate up-to-date ship and sail date information based on the destination selected. This live itinerary data feed ensures information is never outdated. 

• Flyers may also now be customized with travel partner logos, contact information and specific call-to-action information for personalized marketing. 

• A print-on-demand option allows travel partners to order professional printed flyers with ease. 

• Ad slicks may be customized in a variety of sizes according to media specifications, allowing slicks to be sent to the media outlet without multiple editing steps.

Additional features that will debut on BizBuilder in the near future include:

• Customized postcards that may be mailed in bulk to a specific distribution list. 

• Group flyers that may be customized to a specific interest group. 

• Customized web banners. 

• Informative flyers that may be customized to promote new product or itinerary information. 

• HTML capability for sending customized marketing materials.

Travel partners will also have the ability to let Carnival know exactly what they want to see on future versions of BizBuilder by voting on

BizBuilder was recently tested by Carnival’s Travel Partner Advisory Committee, and their feedback was integrated into the final BizBuilder product. In addition, travel partners will have access to a quick tutorial prior to getting started in BizBuilder. All materials are located within



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