Century River Cruises Completes its Quality Enhancement Program

Century Cruises has announced the completion of their “Quality Enhancement Program,” encompassing everything from the hotel management to the food quality to the entertainment onboard its 5-star fleet.

A key aspect of the QEP was additional staff training, which included Century’s European hotel managers. Some senior staff members were sent to Europe for training and meetings with their counterparts aboard 5-Star ships operated by one of world’s premier river cruise lines. The program also included a review of Century’s food supply system, which resulted in improvements in the quality of food served onboard, and the addition of new international dishes into Century’s menus.

As part of the QEP, Century hired a professional choreographer and dancers to improve its program of onboard dance performances that features Chinese folk dances, music and beautiful costumes. Amenities such as “afternoon tea” have also been enhanced with the serving of delicate deserts and cookies. Century staff members also play traditional Chinese instruments or teach passengers Chinese. All otheronboard activities and amenities have also been subject to a thorough review to ensure that Century’s 5-Star standards are maintained or exceeded in its 2012 sailings.

For more information, visit www.centuryrivercruises.com.


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