CLIA Weighs in on Proposed Venice Visitor Tax

Venice Italy St. Mark's Square
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Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has expressed disappointment in a new proposed tax on day visitors to Venice’s historic city center.

“CLIA and its members are disappointed that the Italian Government supported the proposal to introduce a local entrance tax for visitors to Venice in its recent budget bill,” the organization said in a statement shared with Travel Agent. “We will wait to see how the Venice authorities take this forward before responding further.”

CLIA also noted that cruise lines have already voluntarily agreed not to send ships larger than 96,000 tons to Venice, which has resulted in a steady number of cruise passengers visiting the city since 2014.

“We recognize that Venice is a unique destination, and the cruise industry is deeply committed to protecting its cultural heritage and safeguarding its sustainability,” CLIA said. “The city is a treasure, and eNormalnsuring its preservation is crucial for all who live and work here, and indeed all of us who love it. At the core of its history is Venice’s relationship with the sea. Ships have always been part of its identity and the cruise industry represents the modern manifestation of a centuries-old tradition.”

The new proposed tax was included as a measure in Italy’s 2019 budget law. Under the proposal, Venice’s City Council would be able to set a charge ranging from 2.50 to 10 euros per person on day visitors, as well as determine the exact collection method. Overnight visitors, who are charged a tax per night on their hotel stay, would be exempt from the new charge. Proponents say that the new tax would help the city get a better handle on maintenance and cleaning costs resulting from tourism in its busy historic center, as well as costs related to security.  

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