Costa Concordia's Bow Surfaces, Towaway Slated for Tuesday

Costa Concordia's bow broke the surface of waters off Giglio, Italy, over the weekend, as air was pumped into its sponsons, providing buoyancy and raising the ship. With just a few feet left to go before the ship achieves the draft needed for towaway, it's expected that could happen tomorrow, on Tuesday, July 22.

Travel Agent reported on the refloating effort last Monday, as salvagers worked to pump air into the sponsons:

Providing the weather cooperates, the ship will be towed on Tuesday. A large flotilla -- no less than 14 boats -- will accompany Costa Concordia as it begins its final voyage to Genoa, where it will be scrapped.

The ships accompanying the stricken vessel on a multi-day voyage include everything from a French navy ship to skiffs, tugboats and eco-monitoring vessels.

For a look at exactly what's planned, the types of vessels making the voyage, and what each ship will do, agents might check out the Seatrade Insider site, which has a substantive round-up:

This article also talks about the contigency plans should there be any operational issues en route to Genoa.


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