Cruise Specialists Highlights Top Five World Cruise Myths

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Cruise Specialists has released a list naming the top five myths and misconceptions travelers have about World Cruises. While planning World Cruise travel experiences over the last 30 years, Cruise Specialists found most people were concerned that World Cruises are too expensive, that they don’t offer enough time in each port, that travelers are going to get bored, that there is not proper medical care accessible and that travelers will have to plan their World Cruise by themselves.

According to Cruise Specialists, World Cruises don’t come at an exorbitant cost; they are in fact an exceptional value. Taking account into almost all living expenses, including accommodations, meals, traveling and entertainment, are included in the price of the three- to six-month journeys, for the amount of time spent abroad World Cruises are not as expensive as people tend to think they are. Cruise Specialists also pointed out that some lines, like Regent Seven Seas, offer an all-inclusive option for guests that includes special shore tours, pre-paid gratuities, transfers and more so that travelers aren’t spending any more than they intend to.

In regard to lack of time in port, Cruise Specialists noted that most World Cruise itineraries typically include multiple ports of call with overnight stays, allowing individuals more time to immerse themselves in destinations. Holland America Line’s 2017 World Cruise will include 36 ports of call with overnights in 10 port cities over the course of 11 days. Many lines also offer “overland tours,” where travelers get off in one port and rejoin the ship in another, again allowing for ample time for exploration.

Cruise Specialists says there is no time to be bored on a World Cruise. On board and off, during days at sea and days at port, all World Cruises offer an extensive amount of activity options for those who want to do more and for those who want to do less. Cruise Specialists offer its guests exclusive shore programs and a special “Humanitarian Shore Tour” as a different opportunity, ideal for travelers who want to make a difference locally.

Travelers don’t need to worry about falling sick or getting injured while at sea, as Cruise Specialists said that ship doctors are skilled in addressing a variety of medical situations and injuries. Cruise Specialists voyage hosts also help communicate with the ship’s staff or a client’s cruise consultant and contact the guest’s travel insurance company to arrange any necessary assistance. They also suggest clients purchase quality travel insurance to ensure they stay covered while abroad and to avoid any lapse in coverage from their personal plan while traveling.

Whether travelers use Cruise Specialists or another agent to plan their World Cruise, there are ample resources to aid in planning a World voyage, allowing guests to be as in-depth or minimally involved as they want. Cruise Specialists said the myth that travelers have to plan their trip all by themselves “couldn’t be further from the truth.” They also suggest that when looking for a new adventure or exotic destination, the planning is best left up to experts anyway.

Cruise Specialists offers a definitive guide to world cruising on their website at

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