Dawn Princess Hit by Electrical Fire, Guests Called to Muster Stations

Royal Princess
Photo by Susan J. Young

UPDATE: Princess provided us with the following statement: "On November 8, while Dawn Princess was sailing between Wellington and Napier, New Zealand, a fire occurred in an electrical sub station on deck 6. Passengers were called to their muster stations while fire fighting teams extinguished the fire. There were no passenger or crew injuries and the itinerary wasn't affected."

The original story continues below. 

Reportedly, Dawn Princess, sailing off the coast of Wellington, New Zealand, had an issue with a fire in an electrical locker on Deck 6 during the evening of November 8.


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According to one passenger's account, the captain came on the PA system and asked guests to return to their cabins. Crew reported to their emergency muster stations and in hallways as emergency guides. 

About a half hour later, the captain came back on the PA system and asked all passengers to go to their muster stations as the crew fought the fire.

However, it appears the fire was successfully extinguished, as passengers were permitted to return to their staterooms and services including the bars reopened. 

One passenger who was onboard sent a first-hand account of the incident via Facebook to Jim Walker, a prominent Miami maritime lawyer; he operates the CruiseLawNews.com site. 

You may read that guest's account here: http://www.cruiselawnews.com/2013/11/articles/fires-1/passenger-account-fire-aboard-the-dawn-princess

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