Empress of the North Passengers are Accommodated

Passengers aboard Majestic America Line's Empress of the North, which hit a rock at the southern end of Alaska's Icy Strait early Monday morning, will be accommodated with free cruises. With assistance from the company, passengers of the ship arrived in Seattle and are now en route home. Several passengers decided to remain in Alaska to continue with pre-arranged travel plans. Passengers who were aboard Empress of the North on this sailing will have their travel costs paid for by the company and will receive a complimentary cruise in the future so they can complete their travel plans. The company is currently conducting an assessment of damage while the vessel remains in Juneau. Once a full inspection is completed, Majestic AmericaLine will finalize a repair plan and timeline in order to communicate a date Empress of the North will return to service. Visit [www.majesticamericaline.com].

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