G Adventures Changes Lineup of Seven Brochures for 2014

sailingG Adventures has changed how it presents its lineup of trips by segmenting them into brochures based on ‘travel styles’ rather than by destination.

“Our research has revealed travelers are now looking for an experience that matches their interests rather than a specific destination,” says Jeff Russill, vice president of innovation, G Adventures. “Adventure travel is no longer solely the domain of the backpacker and our new travel styles and traveler profiles help match customers to the right trip faster.”

Russill adds that the seven groupings of trips reflect that adventure travel has changed to appeal to all demographics of travelers, with different types and service levels of adventure travel now available.

The first brochure to launch is G Adventures’ flagship Earth brochure, which in 2014 will feature the company’s lineup of Classic trips.  

All brochures will be broken down by regional destinations within each travel style and the Earth brochure launch will be followed by: 

•       Marine – G Adventures’ collection of small ship sailing and cruising experiences.

•       Comfort – formerly known as G-Plus, adventure with a softer landing.

•       Yolo - trips designed for 18 – 30s.

•       Local Living – centre-based, immersive holiday experiences.

•       Family – trips for families looking for more educational holidays.

•       Active – G Adventures’ range of trekking, kayaking, cycling and multisport trips. 

The launch of the new travel styles will be supported with learning materials for agents, and the launch video can be seen here.

As each brochure is released there will be a video for each travel style as well as fact sheets highlighting a selection of best-selling trips for the style featured. 

Physical demands and trip service levels are still highlighted within each brochure, however the comfort service level has been renamed ‘upgraded’ to make way for the Comfort travel style. The service levels available are now identified as camping, basic, standard and upgraded. 

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