Hapag-Lloyd Cruises' Ships Are Getting an Upgrade

Europa docked in Norway.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ ships are getting a facelift. This fall, the Europa and Europa 2 will dock at the Hamburg shipyard Blohm+Voss for maintenance as well as renovations and redesigns in some areas. 

Europa 2 will be getting a redesigned gin bar with a new name, Collins. The current Jazz Club is also getting a name change to Club 2. The Belvedere is getting a complete makeover. The panoramic-view lounge at the bow of the ship is set to now include access to the library and a coffee bar. 

Projects planned for Europa include renovation and redesign of the entire spa area. The space will soon be equipped the latest treatment amenities. Bathrooms in the 36 suites without verandas will be renovated. Additionally, an Azipod drive-motor computer will be replaced.

Europa's first embankment after renovations will be a 12-day cruise October 13 along the coast of Western Europe towards Bilbao. Europa 2’s first journey will be a five-day cruise to Scandinavia on September 27.

“During our ships’ docking periods, not only do we carry out the necessary technical maintenance but also complete various renovations on board that then have a direct impact on our guests and enhance their cruise experience – whether this involves adding a new bar, redesigning the spa, or giving another area a makeover,” said Karl J. Pojer, CEO of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises in a press release. “When implementing this work, we take into account what our guests want and need, however, we also follow current trends.” 

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