It's Over: Underwater Search Ended inside Costa Concordia

Italy's Civil Protection agency has officially ended the search for missing passengers and crew in submerged parts of Costa Concordia, citing danger to rescue divers.

In an accident off the coast of Giglio, Italy on Jan 13, the ship hit rocks, sustained a 165-foot gash in its hull, and listed significantly to one side. Some sections are above water, some underwater.

Over the past week search divers have been confronted with rough seas and a ship that's continuing to shift on its rocky perch. Time and time again, the search has been halted for safety reasons, then later restarted.

Despite the unlikely chance that anyone would still be found alive on the ship since the accident more than two weeks ago, Italian officials had worked tirelessly to try and recover bodies so relatives of the victims would have closure. Many relatives have been holding vigil at the scene in Giglio.

But now, the agency says that search is over, noting that it has notified both relatives and diplomatic officials representing the countries of the missing that the search has ended.

While thousands evacuated the ship and are safe, 17 people died in the maritime accident; one body is still unidentified. Sixteen people are missing.

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