Lindblad Expeditions Debuts Extended-Length Voyages

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic has designed eight epic voyages across the world. These extended-length excursions will take guests to seldom-seen and rarely explored destinations.

The wide-ranging itineraries are made for explorers looking to go farther and engage fully with each destination. These "transformative" expeditions will provide adventures that cross oceans, continents, and countries. Here are highlights of Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic’s upcoming epic voyages:

"Atlantic Isles Discovery: From the Falklands to Madeira:" This 38-day Transatlantic voyage takes guests from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to the Falkland Islands, and from the wildlife havens of the South Atlantic to the far-flung volcanic isles of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Guests on the cruise will encounter thousands of king penguins in South Georgia; meet residents of the world’s most remote inhabited island, Tristan da Cunha; and explore the legacy of Napoléon Bonaparte on Saint Helena. The cruise departs March 7, 2023. 

"Wild Coasts of Argentina, South Georgia, and the Falklands:" The 24-day voyage will explore Argentina’s rugged coastline, seeking out secluded ports, wildlife-rich estuaries, and the vibrant waters of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Península Valdés, at the height of southern right whale breeding season. Guests can hike the rocky shores and atmospheric moors of the Falkland Islands among fur seals and the world's largest colony of black-browed albatross. Then, they can get immersed amid tens of thousands of king penguins in South Georgia. The cruise departs October 19, 2022.

"Under the Southern Cross: New Zealand to Melanesia:" The 18-day itinerary follows in the wake of Captain Cook from New Zealand’s North Island to the Solomon Sea. Guests can delve into the history of intrepid explorers, convicts and traders and learn about the rich cultures of the Maori and the Melanesians. Cruisers will also get a chance to examine traditional carved houses and ancient caves, meet villagers on some of the most remote islands of the South Pacific, and don snorkel and fins to discover coral reefs and lagoons. There are four departure dates for the itinerary: December 14, 2022; February 25 and October 24, 2023; and January 24, 2024.

"Exploring Indonesia, Bali, Raja Ampat and Papua New Guinea:" During the 21-day itinerary, guests can spot Komodo dragons in the wild; dive at pristine coral reefs of the Moluccas, Raja Ampat and West Papua; take part in welcome ceremonies at secluded villages along the way; and step back in time as they learn about the battles of the Pacific Theater during World War II. Guests will also explore the riverine world of the Asmat region, one of the least-explored places on Earth, as the voyage makes its way to the Solomon Islands. The itinerary departs on October 7 and November 27, 2022. 

"South Georgia and the Falklands:" This is a 19-day itinerary. Steeped in Shackleton and whaling lore, covered mostly in glaciers, South Georgia explodes with life: King, gentoo, and macaroni penguins, elephant seals, and a thriving fur seal population. On South Georgia, cruisers will observe tens of thousands of king penguins on a single beach. The Falkland Islands are equally impressive, with colonies of nesting albatross and rockhopper penguins. This itinerary departs on October 4, 2022; February 26, 2023; and February 26, 2024. 

"Southern Odyssey: New Zealand and the Subantarctic Islands:" The 22-day itinerary navigates New Zealand’s coastlines with pristine beaches and quiet coves, home to whales, dolphins and seals. The peaks and waterfalls of the fjords are at their best in Fiordland National Park, where guests will spend two days exploring Milford Sound and Dusky Sound. Guests will learn about Maori history and culture and tour cosmopolitan cities. They will also explore the beautiful sub-Antarctic islands where few humans have tread. Expect major populations of pelagic birds and animals and plants found nowhere else in the world. The voyage departs December 27, 2022; and January 14, November 30 and December 18, 2023.

"Journey Across the Remote Pacific Islands:" During this 27-day itinerary, guests will explore some of the most far-flung tropical islands in the world, from the archipelago of Palau to the shores of Tahiti. Among the atolls of Chuuk and Kiribati, one can explore the battle sites and shipwrecks of World War II. Guests will also encounter a range of cultures, including the Chamorros of Guam and the handful of residents descended from the first English settler of Palmerston Island. Guests can enjoy leisurely days on the sea and immerse in the marine world while snorkeling and kayaking among reefs. The itinerary departs on October 11, 2023. 

"Wild South America: The Guianas to Brazil:" A diverse array of points of interest await on this 24-day exploration through five countries, two legendary rivers, and places few people ever see. Guests will experience ecosystems from riverine to jungle to urban, within dramatic natural settings. They will also spot tropical wildlife from spinner dolphins to hundreds of scarlet ibis coming home to roost. Cruisers will also get the rare opportunity to explore Fernando de Noronha, a UNESCO site; grand Kaieteur Falls, and well-preserved colonial towns. The itinerary departs on September 24, 2023, and September 24, 2024. 

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