In Memoriam: River Cruise Pioneer Dietrich Neuhold

river cruiseDietrich Neuhold, a pioneer in introducing European river cruising to the American market, passed away on May 12 at age 87 at his home in New York.

Neuhold’s career in travel began after World War II with Cunard Line in Vienna and Montreal, where he relocated his family. After leaving Cunard, he worked at Italian Lines, and then at the Marsh Shipping Company, where he was involved in a variety of international shipping activities, including the opening of the first Atlantic shipping route between the then USSR and Canada. In 1965, Neuhold opened the Rhine Cruise Agency in New York City as the exclusive representative of KD German Rhine Line; thus, becoming the first U.S. GSA for a European river cruise company. In the ensuing years, he traveled extensively to emerging destinations, and was very active in ASTA. Neuhold retired in 1989, but remained involved with the Rhine Cruise Agency as a consultant.  

He is survived by his wife Erna, daughter Beatrice Neuhold-Orth, son-in-law John Orth and grandson Ian Orth.