MissoniHome Fabrics Added to CroisiEurope Ships and Barges

CroisiEurope announced that three of its newest ships will be decorated in MissoniHome textiles and furnishings.  

The MS Camargue, the MS Gil Eanes and the MS Loire Princesse are set to launch in 2015. 

The MS Camargue is newly rebuilt and will sail along the Rhone and Saone Rivers through France.

The MS Gil Eanse will hold 132 passengers and sail along the Douro, exploring sites in Spain and Portugal.

The MS Loire Princesse will be the first overnight cruise ship to sail along the Loire River in France. Due to its paddle wheel design, this 96 passenger ship will travel to some of France’s UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The MS Madeleine barge, which sails along the Marne-Rhine canal,  is already completely done in MissoniHome furniture, pillows, and curtains in the common area as well as the stateroom.

Additionally the interiors of four of CroisiEurope’s barge ships, three of which were launched earlier this year, will be decorated in the bold fabrics of MissoniHome.

For more information, visit http://www.croisieuroperivercruises.com/