MSC Cruises Launches New Social Media Strategy With We Are Social

msc cruisesMSC Cruises has announced a partnership with social media marketing firm We Are Social to develop its social media strategy. 

We Are Social will have a team of 450 specialists based in 8 different international offices to coordinate a marketing approach that is consistent with each country's needs. 

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“This new partnership with We Are Social marks a ramping-up of our drive to engage with diverse online communities in ways that traditional marketing cannot. This is proof that MSC Cruises believes and invests in the potential of social media,” said Luca Catzola, MSC Cruises’ chief marketing officer. “We will be rolling out exciting new content on all of our platforms as we head towards a bright future,” added David Arcifa, MSC Cruises’ Corporate Social Media Manager.

MSC Cruises has over 2.4 million Facebook fans, 80,800 Twitter followers and 5 million views on its YouTube channel, as well as a presence on Instagram. Specifically targeted for the North American market, MSC Cruises USA has more than 2.4 million Facebook fans, and 16,800 Twitter followers.  

We Are Social Italia cofounders and managing directors Gabriele Cucinella, Stefano Maggi and Ottavio Nava stated, “Brands are understanding the increasing importance of a strategic and creative coordination of social activities. Our collaboration with MSC Cruises represents another step forward in this direction, to allow the evolution of the brand’s social thinking.”