Norwegian Cruise Line Now Charges for Kids Under 2


norwegian epic
Credit: Susan J. Young

If your clients have kids under the age of 2 and plan to sail on Norwegian Cruise Line (, they'll now pay a child's fare for these younger tots. That could add several hundred dollars to a family cruise vacation.

Previously, there was no charge for kids six months of age (the minimum age for sailing on Norwegian) to 2. Norwegian always has had a reduced children's fare for those 2 and older.   . is reporting that one of its members learned about the change and posted a note about it online. 

She apparently priced a voyage that showed a $499 fare for her four-year-old and no charge for the one-year-old. But when she later opted to book, children's fares were required for both children. Apparently, all kids now pay the same rate on Norwegian.

Agents can read the full story here at: said Norwegian confirmed the change via e-mail. The line had not yet responded to our inquiry at press time.

Charging the same fare for all kids is already a policy for competitors Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise Lines.