Oceania Cruises Introduces Complimentary Wellness Program at Sea

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Oceania Cruises now offers an array of complimentary wellness options aboard its six ships as they sail to more than 370 ports around the world. 

In additional to the complimentary use of the gym and fitness facilities in the Canyon Ranch SpaClub, Oceania Cruises is breaking new ground by making its fitness and wellness classes complimentary - offering guests more than two dozen classes to choose from, all with professional instruction. 

Complimentary Class Highlights: 

  • Morning Stretch: basic stretching techniques; 25 minutes
  • Stretch and Relax: 25-minute class
  • Sunrise Stretch and Relax: 25-minute class
  • Sunset Stretch: 25-minute class
  • Walk a Mile: 25-minute class
  • Boot Camp: 25 minute class 
  • Strength Body Training: full body workout using dumbbells, 45-minute class
  • Full Body Strength Training: full body circuit, 45-minute class
  • Body Weight Training: full body workout using dumbbells, 45-minute class
  • Upper Body Strength Training: 25-minute class or 45-minute class
  • Total Tubes: full body stretch with elastic stretch tubes, 45-minute class
  • Pilates: 45-minute class
  • Mat Pilates: medium-level mat Pilates, 45-minute class
  • Introduction to Yoga: 45-minute class
  • Awesome Legs: Lower body strength training, 25-minute class, or 45-minute class 
  • Fit Ball Body Workout: Full body workout with a fit ball, 45-minute class
  • Total abs: Mat workout to tone the core, 25-minute class
  • Sole Energizer Class: Exercise your feet with the help of Sole Energizers - 25-minute, 45-minute class
  • Sixpack Challenge: Mat workout to tone the abdominal muscles, 25-minute class

The Wellness Ships 

Offering the Canyon Ranch SpaClub at sea and Canyon Ranch Spa Cuisine for nearly a decade, Oceania Cruises has a long-standing reputation for focusing on healthy life balance, fitness, and wellness. With the expansion of the vegetarian and gluten free offerings and the recent addition of Healthy Living Tours Inspired by Canyon Ranch, Oceania Cruises offers the most comprehensive wellness programs at sea. 

Visit www.oceancruises.com

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