'Oceans Ahead' Offers Behind-the-Scenes Insight Into How Ships Work

Celebrity Cruises is educating cruisers about the brand's approach to minimizing its carbon footprint through its new "Oceans Ahead" program. Part of the brand's "Celebrity Life" onboard activities program, the series of presentations will be fleetwide and led by Celebrity's shipboard environmental officers. Celebrity regularly invests in marine conservation, education and technologies through its corporate Ocean Fund, which has provided $11-million since its establishment in 1996. Those efforts also are discussed in Oceans Ahead.

Among the topics currently included in Celebrity's Oceans Ahead program are:

*    The Secrets of Ship Navigation: How do Celebrity Cruises' captains and bridge officers chart the ship's course each day? How do they maneuver around storms and sensitive marine areas? Guests attending this lecture will gain insight into that and more.
*    How Our Ships Move: Guests participating in this lecture will learn about the various forms of power generated onboard, such as Celebrity's industry-first application of solar technology, and the many energy efficiencies implemented across the fleet, including silicon hull coatings, LED lights, specially glazed, UV-filtering window glass, and propulsion systems.
*    Onboard Recycling: An Exclusive Look: Curious as to what happens to the bottles and cans of beverages consumed onboard? Guests attending this session will get rare, behind-the-scenes insight into Celebrity's extensive recycling program, including aluminum, glass, and cardboard items.
*    Carbon Footprint 101:  What is a carbon footprint, and how do you measure it? This lecture also examines air emissions, Celebrity Cruises' footprint, and how to calculate an individual's impact on the environment, together with steps that can be taken to improve it.

Celebrity's Oceans Ahead program is offered at no charge, and will be implemented across the fleet by the end of July of this year.

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