Phyllis Dale to Christen American Cruise Lines' Queen of the Mississippi

American Cruise Lines announced that on Saturday, Aug. 25, in Nashville, Tennessee, Phyllis Dale,  a nationally-recognized travel agent and small-ship cruise expert, will christen Queen of the Mississippi and help celebrate the company’s first-ever season on the Mississippi River. Following the ceremony, Queen of the Mississippi will set sail at full capacity on an eight-day voyage from Nashville to St. Louis.

Queen of the Mississippi offers guests a brand new way to see the longest river system in North America and explore the remarkable port cities that line the way. The majority of the ship’s 300-square-foot staterooms offer private balconies while an all-American staff and crew cater to passengers’ every need. Daily educational events and themed entertainment help paint a picture of what life on the Mississippi was like in days gone by. Construction of Queen of the Mississippi was completed in June by Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Salisbury, Md.

The Queen of the Mississippi amenities include spacious staterooms and suites, lounges and libraries. Staterooms features private balconies, many with large sliding glass doors, hotel-style bathrooms, access to room service, in-room phones, Wi-Fi and satellite TV. American Cruise Lines’ exclusive, open seating dining plan allows guests to enjoy meals in a single seating or at the time of their choice while surrounded by panoramic views of the River.

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