Port Canaveral Moving Ahead with Major Projects


(c) 2011 The Canaveral Port Authority

The Canaveral Port Authority has approved construction of a new 15,000-square-foot Welcome Center and development of a  $16.6 million Canaveral Cove entertainment district on the south side of Port Canaveral, FL. The Canaveral Cove project is slated for completion in June 2013.

Stan Payne, CEO of Port Canaveral, says the port authority commission is pressing "the fast-forward button" to transform Port Canaveral into the tourism and recreation destination that has been discussed since the early 1980s.

"The economic activity that will be generated from bringing the vision to reality comes at a critical time for the Central Florida region and particularly for Brevard County with the end of the Space Shuttle program," Payne said. "We now will move forward definitively and aggressively on Port Canaveral’s transformation."

GWWO, Inc. of Baltimore, Maryland, will design the Welcome Center, which will include exhibit areas, a movie theater/auditorium and offices.

“We envision the Welcome Center and infrastructure improvements as a catalyst for private development on other property at the port,” says Joe Matheny, chairman of the Canaveral Port Authority Commission. “This dynamic plan is an investment in the port that will pay dividends for the community in attracting more tourism.”

Bids for work related to the project, including road modifications, utilities, and landscaping will be awarded between March and July 2012.

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