Poseidon Expeditions Outlines New Conservation Initiatives

Antarctica at sunset
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Polar cruise company Poseidon Expeditions introduced the steps it will take towards making its cruises more eco-friendly. These initiatives include reducing plastic waste produced aboard the ship as well as recommendations for passengers to follow.

The 114-passenger Sea Spirit and others are among the ships undertaking these efforts. These cruises are removing all plastic straws and stirrers and only offering paper straws if requested. Individual butter and jelly portions (single-use plastics) are being replaced with ramekins. Ships will also be using eco-friendly laundry detergents and replacing individual body wash, shampoo and soap bottles with bulk dispensers.

Poseidon Expeditions is also laying out several recommendations for guests. It’s suggesting they bring a reusable water bottle instead of buying individual plastic bottles aboard the ship. The company is also advising passengers put body and beauty products in reusable silicone bottles and tubes rather than buy mini travel bottles. Additionally, Poseidon Expeditions is asking guests to use products that do not have harsh chemicals and micro-beads, which are harmful for the environment.

The company will also not offer activities that are bad for the environment and will stick to kayaking, bird watching and photography excursions, which have no effect. Aboard the company’s ships, chefs will follow the seafood recommendations of the Marine Stewardship Council.

Poseidon Expeditions belongs to the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators, an advocate for safe and environmentally responsible travel around Antarctica.

Visit poseidonexpeditions.com.

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