Princess Cruises Plans New Escape Room for Sky, Enchanted Princess

Photo by Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises has announced a new escape room experience for its newest ships, the Sky Princess and the Enchanted Princess. Called Phantom Bridge, the new game will combine both physical and digital elements, the cruise line said. 

Princess Cruises VP of Entertainment Experience Denise Saviss said that Phantom Bridge, which is part of the line’s Discovery at SEA program, will have more than 700 different outcomes. The cruise. 

Phantom Bridge will have Princess Cruises guests racing to solve puzzles and traveled to different time periods. Developed by gamified real-life experience company Farbound, the experience runs on Mediascape Room technology, a proprietary gaming and show-control system. 

During Phantom Bridge, a combination of projection mapping, touchscreen surfaces and hidden physical elements will aim to provide more immersion as guests uncover clues and solve puzzles that will transport them to the next endangered time period. Both physical props, such as a ship wheel guests can turn to navigate the vessel and change the view outside, and lighting, sound and digital features disguised as physical ones will be part of the experience. 

Princess said that the experience will be tailored to guests of all ages, heights and physical abilities, so that families can play together. Additionally, the 700 different outcomes will provide replay value, the cruise line said. 

The Sky Princess will set sail this October in the Mediterranean, followed by a deployment in North America in December, where it will sail a season of Caribbean cruises roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale. Phantom Bridge will also debut onboard the cruise line’s next ship, Enchanted Princess, which launches in summer 2020. Guests can try Phantom Bridge in the new Experience Center located on deck 18. The event lasts 23 minutes and can accommodate up to six people.

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