Quark Adds Polar Icebreaker

Polar adventure line, Quark Expeditions, has added a nuclear-powered icebreaker to its fleet, which it says is the largest and most sophisticated in the industry. The 128-passenger ship, 50 Years of Victory, will make its 16-day maiden voyage June 23 to the North Pole with rates starting at $22,900 per person. But with two nuclear reactors producing 75,000 horsepower for a maximum speed of 21.4 knots, isn't the price worth it?

Among other amenities, the ship is also equipped with a helicopter used for sightseeing and shore transfers. Inside, Victory has 64 cabins, a saloon, lounge, bar, indoor pool, two saunas and massage services. It's an expedition-purposed ship but with loads of luxury features.

The maiden voyage will be followed by sailings on July 6 and July 19 to the North Pole, the latter a 17-day voyage to accommodate for a total solar eclipse viewing. Visit www.quarkexpeditions.com. (DE)