Queens Meet in Long Beach, CA

Queen Mary 2, operating its first West Coast itinerary since its launch in 2004, had a rendezvous with its former namesake, the original Queen Mary on Thursday. Travel agents and media guests, as well as paying passengers, were onboard for festivities in Long Beach, CA, harbor. As the QM2 sailed by the Queen Mary, both ships sounded their horns, and the blasts could be heard for 10 miles. One horn on QM2 is an original used on the Queen Mary many years ago. The celebration in Long Beach harbor also featured fireboats, a flotilla of ships of all types, and skywriting by airplane, as well as flag waving by guests from the ships. Retired from maritime service for nearly 40 years, the Queen Mary, which sailed between 1937 and 1967, is one of Long Beach's most revered attractions, serving as both a hotel and a tour venue. QM2 is operating a three-day cruise to Ensenada, Mexico prior to heading off to Hawaii and the Pacific on the remainder of its World Cruise.

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