Report: Disney Cruise Line Tightens Alcohol Policy

disney cruise lineDisney Cruise Line has added new restrictions regarding alcoholic beverages passengers may bring onboard, the Orlando Sentinel reports. 

Starting September 30, guests will be allowed a maximum of two bottles of unopened wine or champagne, or six beers, onboard at the beginning of each trip and at each port of call. Wine and champagne bottles must be no larger than 750 milliliters, and beer bottles must be no larger than 12 ounces. 

No liquor or spirits will be allowed. All alcoholic beverages must be packed in carry-on luggage, not checked. 

Previously, the cruise line had allowed passengers to bring beer and liquor onboard in their carry-on luggage. 

"We regularly evaluate our policies and made the change," a Disney Cruise Line spokesperson told the Orlando Sentinel, describing the policy as "not unusual in the cruise industry."

The move makes Disney the latest cruise line to tighten its onboard beverage policy. Last June Carnival banned bringing water, sodas, juices and other non-alcoholic beverages onboard in bottles, claiming that passengers were using bottles to smuggle alcoholic beverages aboard, leading to safety and security concerns. 

The new policy also led Carnival to lower its bottled water price to 12 bottles for $2.99 with an advance online reservation, a move that sparked some optimism from travel agents

"Thank you to all the smugglers for this," said Rita Presnell at the time. "The new price for water is awesome. Same as you could buy at Wal Mart."

At the same time, other agents were skeptical that the move would curb bad behavior caused by alcohol, pointing out that liquor was still available for sale onboard. 

"So, when they find that 'behavioral problems' are associated with selling liquor packages, will they ban that too?" asked Donna Gayland. "Like the price of the bottled water, at least that is not a rip off like most cruise lines…however, it all has to do with selling the liquor, not 'behavioral problems,' let's be truthful."

Read the Orlando Sentinel story here, and view the new alcohol policy at

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