Report - Sen. Schumer Requests Cruise Industry to Adopt Bill of Rights


Carnival cruise shipAccording to the Associated Press, Sen. Charles Schumer is asking the cruise line industry to take on a "Bill of Rights" for its passengers that would guarantee their safety, and shield them from incidents like the one that happened last month on the Carnival Triumph.

"This bill of rights, based on work we've done with the airline industry, will ensure that passengers aren't forced to live in third world conditions or put their lives at risk when they go on vacation," said Schumer.

Schumer also said Sunday he is calling on industry leaders to follow these guidelines to ensure that in the event of a shipwreck, passengers are accommodated with medical attention, backup power, and basic provisions.

In the event of a mechanical failure before a trip, Sen. Schumer also wants to add the right to a full refund, AP reports.

Other cruise ships the experienced power failures in the past few months, include Carnival Dream, Legend, and Elation.

Read the AP story here.