Riviera Travel Launches Lifetime Commission for Travel Agents

Emily Bronte Exterior river vessel Europe Courtesy of Riviera Travel Editorial use Only
Emily Bronte Exterior river vessel Europe Courtesy of Riviera Travel Editorial

To celebrate its expansion into the U.S. market, river cruise line Riviera Travel is unveiling a lifetime commission benefit for travel agents who book clients on the company’s ships.

After a travel agent secures a client’s initial booking with Riviera Travel, the agent will receive a commission on all future bookings that client makes directly with Riviera Travel. Travel agents must be registered through Riviera Travel’s Agency Portal to receive the lifetime commission benefit. Commissions are not paid if a client books through an agent with a different IATA or CLIA number than registered with Riviera Travel.

Rivieria Travel has more than 30 years of experience in European travel and has hosted over 100,000 guests on its river cruises. 

“At Riviera Travel, we recognize that the travel agent community is critical to our success, so I’m delighted to announce that any agent booking clients on our river cruises will benefit from lifetime commissions – that’s a promise,” said David Clemson, CEO of Riviera Travel in a press release. “We enjoy the highest levels of repeat business and we want our travel agent partners to benefit from that, too. If a client books another cruise directly through us, we guarantee a commission will be paid to the travel agent who made their initial booking. It’s just another great reason to choose Riviera.” 

Riviera Travel itineraries available to U.S. customers include cruises on the Rhine, Moselle, Danube, Main, Rhône and Douro rivers. Ships include the MS Lord Byron, MS Jane Austen, MS William Shakespeare, MS Charles Dickens, MS Swiss Corona, MS Thomas Hardy, MS Emily Brontë, MS Oscar Wilde, MS Douro Elegance and, new in 2018, the MS Robert Burns.

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