Scenic Cruises' New Ship First To Be Granted Russian Registration In 25 Years

For the first time in over 25 years, a new cruise ship has been granted the ability to sail in Russian waters. Scenic Cruises newest vessel, the Scenic Tsar, launched about a month ago after being completely retofitted and rubuilt by Russian engineers. It was the most extensive rebuild ever undertaken in Russia.

The reason for the rebuild is because of the demanding standards set by the Russian Maritime Authority. The Authority classifies a "New Build" as a ship that is at least 80 percent new.

With only it's orignal steel hull, floors and ceiling remaining, the Tsar now has a new deck of cabins, two new bars, restaurant and other entertainment areas. It also boasts a new set of engines, drive units and generators, as well as electrical fittings and wiring.

The cruises themselve feature 15 and 19 day itineraries from July through October of 2012. Guests will sail between St. Petersburg and Moscow, with visits to Mandrogi, Kizhi Island, Goritsy and two of the "Golden Ring" cities. Those who choose the 19 day cruise will spend an additional 4 days in Kiev.

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