SeaDream's New SeaDream Innovation to Emphasize Sustainability

SeaDream Innovation

SeaDream has released new details on its upcoming cruise ship, the SeaDream Innovation, which will incorporate a number of environmentally friendly design features. The cruise line has received a grant for $1.8 million for the creation of the new vessel from Enova, an organization owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment that is responsible for the promotion of environmentally friendly production and consumption of energy.

The SeaDream Innovation will be a hybrid ship equipped with a large battery pack of approximately 4 MWh, which enables sailing silently and without emissions for up to three hours with no disturbance to surrounding wildlife. The hybrid system will reduce local emissions by supporting the diesel generators in “peak shaving mode”, reducing fuel consumption and enabling the yacht to sail to sensitive areas such as the Norwegian fjords and along the ice edge toward the North Pole. The batteries also bring an added degree of safety, acting as a “spinning reserve,” which in the event of a motor shutdown switches instantaneously to the use of batteries without loss of power.

SeaDream Innovation will also install an "Organic Rankine Cycle" machine that takes waste heat from the engines and converts it to electricity. This machine can produce up to 150 kW of electrical power and reduces fuel consumption, resulting in lower emissions. At port stops, the hybrid ship can be plugged into shoreside electrical grids around the world by using a multi-voltage shore connection system.

The mega-yacht also has four modern diesel engines and a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system for reducing nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions to IMO rules with engines rated to meet the latest MARPOL Tier III limits. SeaDream Innovation will be equipped with two podded propulsors, providing efficiency and maneuverability. Additionally, SeaDream Innovation will be built to the high ice class, PC6.

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