SeaDream Yacht Club Ceases Amazon Sailings for 2014

SeaDream Yacht Club’s SeaDream I & II released its early 2014 itineraries, with The Amazon being replaced with Asia. The 112-guest mega yacht, SeaDream II will be sailing the Amazon River in February and March of 2013. SeaDream has not released plans for a return to the Amazon beyond 2013, and the line suggests those interested in the Amazon not miss the 2013 opportunity. 

SeaDream is the only luxury vessel of its size to sail the Upper-Amazon. The intermediate ports for the Upper-Amazon voyages #21308 & #21310 include Leticia, Colombia; Panelas, Brazil; Jutai, Brazil; Santo Antonio do Ica, Brazil; Amatura, Brazil; Monkey Island, Colombia and Pebas, Peru. At the end of each day’s jungle adventures, guests return to their comfortable expedition base; SeaDream II.

SeaDream II will sail two 20-night voyages; Bridgetown, Barbados to Iquitos, Peru and the return. Ports of call include Devil's Island, French Guiana; Parintins, Brazil; Manaus, Brazil; Panelas, Brazil; Leticia, Colombia and more.

A team of Naturalists will be aboard all Amazon voyages providing information about the river wilderness in addition to guiding guests on land and water exploration. Award-winning professional photographer Sue Flood will be aboard sharing her tips and techniques as she documents each voyage in photos made available to guests.

Excursions feature the jungle’s exotic plants and animals, Amazonian tribes, museums and markets. SeaDream hosts their Champagne and Caviar Splash on one of Brazil’s best beaches in Alter do Chao. Near Leticia, Colombia guests will arrive by zodiac to "Monkey Island," a sanctuary for monkeys and an opportunity to hand feed squirrel monkeys. In Panelas, Brazil guests on zodiacs skim past massive lily pads and peer up at towering ceiba trees as they are taken to an area noted for its sloths, monkeys and Tamandua anteaters.

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