Silversea Partners With NewspaperDirect to Launch Offline Digital Newspaper Service

SilverseaNewspaperDirect has partnered with luxury brand Silversea Cruises to launch the first offline digital newspaper service of its kind in the cruise industry. Publications are refreshed every night so passengers get the latest issues, even while at sea. 

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Silversea partnered with NewspaperDirect to develop a new digital newspaper service that meets the digital news consumption needs of cruise passengers and is customizable and scalable for the company. This eco-friendly service is cost effective, as it eliminates the costs associated with printing and daily distribution on board the ship.
With PressReader, Silversea is able to provide access to current, full-content premium international newspapers and magazines, catered to their passengers’ reading interests. Once downloaded to their own personal devices, the publications can then be read anywhere, anytime on the ship.

“We listened to our guests and set out to create a product that would deliver current news to their personal devices,” said Jason Cohn, director of IT infrastructure for Silversea Cruises.

NewspaperDirect’s flagship products, PressReader and, deliver newspaper and magazine reading experiences on PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets and eReaders running iOS, Android, Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10 operating systems.

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