Some QM2 Passengers Unhappy with Missed Port Compensation

Due to problems with QM2's propulsion system that forced the ship to slow down on a journey to South America, Cunard has offered a 50 percent refund to the 1,000 passengers scheduled to disembark in Rio de Janeiro to make up for missing port calls in Barbados; St. Kitts; and Salvador, Brazil. However, some passengers remain unhappy with the offer. QM2's captain has reportedly been meeting with various groups of passengers, and some have threatened to not get off the ship as originally planned in Rio on Jan. 26. The vessel left Port Everglades, FL, last week on a 38-day voyage with 2,500 passengers to South America, but the journey was delayed after one of its four propulsion motors was damaged. Some passengers have contacted the British media complaining that they should have been offered the option of getting off in Fort Lauderdale and not taking the cruise at all, given that it has turned into a voyage by sea to Rio rather than a regular cruise with scheduled port calls. Cunard's view is that while passengers are onboard they can enjoy all the facilities, food, and entertainment, and they feel the 50 percent refund compensates for missed port calls.

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