Stats: Cruise Passengers to Hit 28 Million This Year

(Infographic by CLIA)

The cruise industry beat expectations in 2017 in terms of ocean cruise passengers, according to Cruise Lines International Association’s (CLIA) updated official cruise industry numbers for that year, which the organization just released. According to CLIA’s updated numbers, the industry has surpassed the 2017 ocean cruise passenger projections, reaching 26.7 million cruise passengers globally up from a projection of 25.8 million. For 2018, based on the new vessel launch schedule and expected regional deployment, CLIA is projecting another positive year-over-year growth for the industry with a passenger forecast of 28 million.

“Once again, the cruise industry has raised the bar and exceeded projections and expectations,” said Cindy D’Aoust, president and CEO, CLIA, in a written statement. “

Global Ocean Passenger Growth and Volume by Region

Asia, accounting for about 15 percent of total global ocean passenger volume in 2017, experienced a 20.5 percent increase last year in comparison to 2016. Domestically, the United States and Canada saw impressive ocean passenger growth in 2017, with a 5 percent increase over the prior year. Australia also experienced some positive growth at around 5 percent. Europe also remains strong with recording a 2.5 percent global passenger growth over 2016.

North America represented the largest ocean passenger volume in 2017 (49 percent) with a total of more than 13 million ocean cruise passengers followed by Europe (26 percent) with nearly seven million ocean cruise passengers.

  • North America (49 percent)
  • Europe (26 percent)
  • Asia (15 percent)
  • Australia/Pacific (5.4) percent)
  • South Central America (3.2 percent)
  • Other (1.6 percent)

Demographics and Preferences of Global Ocean Passengers

New analytics also show that the average age of global ocean passengers last year was 47 years old. These passengers also preferred cruising for an average of 7.2 days, 2 percent lower than the average cruise length in 2016.

Source: CLIA

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