Sustainable Cuisine as You Cruise

In its dedication to protecting marine environments and preserving their habitats, Crystal Cruises has committed to serving only sustainable seafood aboard its vessels, the first cruise line to publicly commit to such a policy.

With this new commitment, Crystal will offer guests a wide variety of sea fare raised in a sustainable manner, protecting the species for future generations. With guidance from both governmental and non-governmental conservation organizations and fisheries, the line favors suppliers that share the same ideals and boast documented reputations for methods that minimize the impact on local wildlife and ecosystems.

"We recognize that by sourcing seafood responsibly, we can help protect the environment and marine populations for generations to come," says Toni Neumeister, vice president, food and beverage. "[It] allows us to continue offering our guests the highest quality cuisine while being good stewards of the oceans on which we sail."

The line was the first cruise line to discontinue the use of endangered caviar from the Caspian Sea and introduced farmed caviar from the U.S., France and Uruguay, which has now become the standard in the luxury hospitality industry. Additionally, Crystal discontinued offering endangered species of fish more than a decade ago.


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