Survey: Advisors Key Resource for Travelers Booking Cruises

A summer survey of more than 1,300 Allianz Partners travel insurance customers has revealed that booking a cruise was one of the top jobs for travel advisors booking travel for Allianz Partners customers.

Survey results show that 27 percent of respondents reported that they used a travel advisor to book a cruise, second only to the 28 percent who used a travel advisor to book air travel. Using a travel advisor to book lodging was reported by 20 percent of respondents, while 16 percent used an advisor to book a tour, 3 percent had their advisor rent a car and 6 percent used their advisor for other travel-related bookings.

The survey also found that customers aged 55-84 were most likely to use a travel advisor to book a cruise, with about a third of those customers reporting a travel advisor handled their cruising itinerary. Only 14 percent of customers aged 35-44 reported they used a travel advisor to book a cruise.

Survey respondents also reported that they would overwhelmingly repurchase travel insurance, with 91 percent saying they would be extremely to somewhat likely to purchase for their next trip. Allianz Partners retail travel insurance customers also said they have a high understanding of travel insurance benefits with 78 percent saying they understand the benefits extremely to moderately well.

Allianz Partners customers who booked through a travel advisor reported that their biggest concern when booking travel is a medical emergency while traveling (27 percent), closely followed by an illness that may impact their trip (26 percent), a flight cancelation, delay or missed connection (19 percent), a COVID-related problem (13 percent), lost or damaged luggage (seven percent), severe weather (three percent) and safety at their destination (three percent) among other concerns.

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