Uniworld Will Transform its River Royale Into Sixth Super Ship

On October 28, Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection will remove the River Royale from service and begin extensive renovations, turning it into the line’s sixth Super Ship. The second ship to receive this treatment, the newly-styled S.S. Bon Voyage will set sail April 14, 2019 for cruises on the Dordogne and Garonne rivers in France.

The repurposed ship will introduce two new dining offerings. During the day guests can visit a new casual dining venue. Replacing the Blue Fox Café, the restaurant will open onto a new pool and serve lighter French-inspired food. Dishes include ham and cheese baguettes, Niçoise salads and pizzas. The location will also serve as a bar location in the evening and a venue for French cooking classes.

At the bow of the ship Uniworld will add a new Bouillon Pigalle-inspired bistro. Here cooks will serve locally inspired shared plates. Plates include Beef Bourguignon, pâtés and escargot. In the main dining room, the ship will introduce a new buffet with a chef demonstration area. The ship’s private dining and wine tasting room, Claret’s, will also receive enhancements.

Elsewhere in the ship, Uniworld will add four luxury suites. Bon Voyage will provide a higher staff to guest ratio, lowering the guests from 128 to 124 and adding staff. The renovations will also change all the bathrooms from tile to marble and reconfigure the gym and spa. The top deck will receive a remodel, adding a new outdoor pool, a relaxed outdoor lounge and banquette seating.

The Bon Voyage marks the second time Uniworld repurposed an older ship to become a new Super Ship. The S.S. Beatrice, formerly known as the River Beatrice, began taking passengers this April. Uniworld plans to repeat the process with the River Empress, also rolling it out as a Super Ship in 2019.

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