Variety Cruises Offers Kids Cruise Free Deals Throughout 2014

Small ships cruise company Variety Cruises is offering families a "Kids Cruise Free" cruise deals throughout 2014. By the terms of the offer:

  • Single parents traveling with one to two children in one cabin pay an adult cruise fare, plus single supplement. One to two children cruise for free.
  • Couples with one child sharing the same cabin pay two adult cruise fares. The child cruises for free.
  • Couples with one to two children in two separate cabins pay two adult cruise fares, plus two single supplements. One to two children cruise for free.
  • Children receive a 25 percent reduction on all shore excursions.

The offer is valid for all Variety Cruises programs and applies for children aged seven to 12. Children 12-16 pay the child fare. The offer is available for a limited number of cabins on each sailing and on a first come, first served basis. Port charges must be paid for all participants, including children. Small ships are not recommended to children under seven years of age.

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