Virgin's Sir Richard Branson Reportedly in Talks for Cruise Line Launch

virgin atlanticIf you thought it was just Virgin Trains, Virgin Vacations, Virgin Gaming or Virgin Atlantic Airways, how about Virgin Cruise? The thought just may be not that far-fetched, according to global media reports.

News organizations, including Sky News in the U.K. and The National, an Abu Dhabi newspaper, are reporting that Sir Richard Branson is talking to Arabian Gulf investors, including those in the United Arab Emirates, for what might amount to a $1.7 billion project to launch a new Virgin cruise line, possibly to be based in Miami.

In an interview with The National, Branson was quoted as saying he's looking at forming a different kind of cruise company -- and building the kind of cruise ship that would appeal to the segment of the market that right now simply won't consider a cruise.

Branson told the newspaper he was talking to Abu Dhabi entities on the project, but did not reveal any potential partners. He's reportedly looking at building two ships -- one for the Mediterranean and one for the Caribbean.

The National also reported that Branson is believed to have hired Allen & Co, New York-based investment bank, to assist him in his search for partners.

Branson has a strong history in the Arabian Peninsula and is involved with building a spaceport there for the Virgin Galactic project.

Agents may read The National article about the potential Virgin project at: