Stats: 34.3 Percent of Cruise Travelers Stay on the Ship in Port

After being administered to the U.S. Internet population and receiving 1,529 answers, a survey conducted by Allianz Global Assistance concluded that a surprising 34.3 percent of cruise travelers prefer to stay on the ship the entire time or a majority of the time. Their main reason for not wanting to disembark? 36.2 percent said they had safety concerns with the destination. This was followed by a disinterest in the destination (17.7 percent), fear of not getting back to the ship on time (16.8 percent), inclusive food/drinks on the ship (9.4 percent), not having pre-booked an off-board activity (8.3 percent), having visited the destination previously (6.8 percent), and lack of Internet/mobile activity (4.8 percent). 

The survey also posed questions about cruising trends, including themed, river and adventure/expedition cruises. 25.5 percent of Americans surveyed indicated they would be more interested in taking a cruise if it was themed -such as a music, food, or pop culture cruise -  while 26.6 percent stated being less interested and 48 percent remained unchanged. 

In regards to the type of cruise, most respondents (73.9 percent) would rather sail on a river cruise than an ocean cruise (26.1 percent) for the following reasons: scenic view/ability to see the shore (22.4 percent), shore excursions included in the price (13.5 percent), lack of waves (12.3 percent), easier to disembark/being on land everyday (12.2 percent), smaller ships (7.6 percent) and more socializing opportunities (6 percent). 

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