What's Your Opinion on Oasis of the Seas?

Oasis of the Seas has had everyone talking for the past couple of weeks, including the readers of Travel Agent. And while we were on hand to see the ship for ourselves, we are interested to know what our readers think of the highly-anticipated cruise ship, which was just christened in Fort Lauderdale.

Interestingly enough, the comments we received were mixed and while some raved others aren't finding the ship to be that spectacular. They are definitely climbing aboard with an eye for detail.

Some friends of ours on Facebook responded to a query we posted about the ship. Chris Silva shared his thoughts on it and noted a potential skew on his experience, stating:
I just returned from a 2-nighter on the Oasis. The Ice Show is not-to-be-missed. Boarding and departing a breeze...Gym below industry standards. Cabins vary...Food fair to good, wait staff varied from excellent to poor. Very excellent amenities and showrooms. A great market for families, gal pal outings. We only had 3000 aboard so not sure how the crowd will feel with almost double that amount. Royal Caribbean International should be congratulated for having such a pre-inaugural trip for so many

Some readers chimed in right here on TravelAgentCentral.com. Commenting on Susan J. Young's experience aboard Oasis of the Seas, birdsNworms shared:
To be sure the Oasis of the Seas is something to behold. It is grand, and it stands on its own as an architectural and maritime achievement. But, amid all the pre-inaugural buzz out there, I feel there exists a great dearth of real - read that to mean not PR scripted and stuffed down the throat - news about the ship and the actual circumstances surrounding the launch and viability of the product RCCL claims is a 'game changer'.
Apparently, the product the vast majority of non-paying travel agents and media assembled for these junkets cruises prior to the December 1 inaugural saw was decidedly different from the one I was introduced to.
Not that I was not wowed. I was. Anyone should be, even the harshest critic. It is more that most folks are ignoring some pretty obvious voids. No entertainment was previewed, the now-staid ice show aside. The gym is downright crew-like. The crowds controlled by RCCL through invitation only events...

For Mark Casey, who also commented on Susan Young's personal take, there was only one thing that mattered, noting:
cupcakes are not free

We checked with Susan on this, and she confirmed that, indeed, the cupcakes are not free. However, she did point out that the donuts at the donut shop are free. So it may be a matter of taste on how that affects one's time on Oasis.

We want to hear more about this ship from our readers and users. Let us know what you think. Vote in our poll to the right. Post a comment below, tweet us @travelagentmag, or chime in at AgentNation.