Curacao Launches Online Embarkation, Disembarkation Card

Curacao // Photo by Joe Pike

The Curacao Tourist Board, along with the Immigration Department of Curacao, has launched an online version of an Embarkation and Disembarkation card (ED-card). 

Completing the form digitally has two main goals: a fast and efficient process at the immigration line and immediate processing of the visitor’s data.

All foreign visitors arriving in Curacao are required to have a completed ED-card for immigration clearance. At the moment travelers can obtain the ED-card on board of the flights arriving to Curacao. 

This card contains personal information, such as name and birth date, port of embarkation, home address, purpose of visit, the reason for choosing Curacao, how reservation was made, duration of visit and the chosen accommodation during stay. 

The online ED-card can be completed in the traveler's home before they embark their flight to Curacao. By introducing the Online ED-card, the amount of time spent in the immigration line will be considerably reduced. The Online ED-card will be in sync with the Border Management System of the Immigration Department in Curacao.
To access the online ED-card, visit and click on the tab "Online ED-card."