Cruise Itineraries Powering Travel Advisor Bookings: Allianz

A new survey of travel advisors by Allianz Partners USA reveals that most travel advisors surveyed say that cruise itineraries are driving the majority of their business, with more than a quarter responding that cruises make up more than 75 percent of their bookings. The survey was conducted by the travel insurance and assistance provider in October and polled 9,000 travel advisors that offer its travel protection products.

The survey also found that travel advisors and their clients value travel insurance. According to the review, 92 percent of travel advisors feel their customers get peace of mind when they have Allianz Travel Insurance, and 82 percent believe clients are more confident about cruising when they have a policy on board.

The travel insurance provider analyzed the breakdown of reported travel advisor bookings, tracking the percentage of cruises versus other types of travel to reveal across the board that cruising is a significant driver of travel advisor bookings. More than 75 percent of those surveyed indicate that a majority of their bookings were for cruise travel (27 percent said that 76-100 percent of bookings are cruises; 25 percent said 51-75 percent are cruise; 26 percent said 26-50 percent were cruises) versus 17 percent who identified that only 6-25 percent were cruises and 6 percent of advisors who said than less than 5 percent of bookings were cruises.

Ocean Cruises Still Popular, Strong Interest in Repeat Expedition Voyages

In other findings, ocean cruises proved the most popular (81 percent) this past year according to travel advisors, followed by river cruises (16 percent), expedition (2 percent) and themed cruises (1 percent). The expedition cruise market, though relatively new, is quickly growing in popularity and earning repeat business as most passengers indicate their desire to book another for a future trip.

Upcoming Cruise Plans + Booking Window Changes

Travel advisor respondents were split on whether the booking window for clients choosing cruises changed this year versus 2022—the majority, 40 percent, believe the booking window has gotten longer, 36 percent believe it’s consistent with last year and 24 percent said it has gotten shorter. When asked how soon after purchase the sailings were scheduled to take place, more than half (52 percent) said within six months to a year, followed by three to six months (27 percent), and within three months of purchase (11 percent). Those travel advisors with clients booking more than a year in advance comprise just 10 percent of respondents.

Emerging Cruise Travel Trends

When surveyed on rising interest for cultural-related themed cruises that include immersion and exploration, 35 percent of travel advisors said they’ve seen more interest this year than in prior years (48 percent said they haven’t; 17 percent are unsure). Almost half, 49 percent, of advisors surveyed said they have not witnessed a shift in the number of travelers in cruising parties, while more than a quarter (26 percent) reported more multi-generational groups. Solo travel also has made some gains with 13 percent of travel advisors reporting they have seen more solo cruisers than in the past few years, while 12 percent said there are more couples.

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