$15 Million Upgrade for Vermont Resorts' Snow Gun Efficiency

VermontSki resorts in Vermont have announced their largest-ever snow gun efficiency upgrade for the 2014-2015 season. This $15 million upgrade in partnership with Efficiency Vermont will expand the efficiency, quality and coverage of their snowmaking systems. Efficiency Vermont’s Great Snow Gun Roundup supports the purchase of approximately 2300 new low-energy snow guns for the upcoming season, and in return the resorts will donate 1800 older model snow guns to scrap.

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It is anticipated that this upgrade will save 10,500 MWh and 31,000 MMBtu on annual energy, which is enough electricity to supply approximately 1,500 Vermont homes for one full year, and enough diesel saved to heat 340 Vermont homes annually.

This upgrade will allow the resorts to rely on less power, lower emissions as well as blow snow at higher temperatures, extending the Vermont ski and snowboard season.

Efficiency Vermont determined which efficient snow guns would best meet the resorts needs by having its engineers conduct side-by-side testing of fifteen different models, tracking data on their air, water, energy consumption, and overall performance

Efficiency Vermont has also pledged to donate proceeds from the scrapped metal of old snow guns to Ski Vermont’s Learn to Turn program, which encourages people to embrace winter and try skiing or riding through Learn to Ski and Snowboard month, the Fifth Grade Passport and Bring a Friend challenge.

Visit: www.efficiencyvermont.com