A Personal Perspective

Southern Africa is truly one of the most fascinating places on the planet. I have visited a number of times, and it holds a special place for me. I proposed to my wife while on safari in Botswana. We stayed at the Chobe Safari Lodge, then flew into the bush in a four-seater plane to spend time at two of Kwando Safari's amazing camps. I popped the question at the Kwara Camp in the Okavango Delta. We finished our journey in the lap of luxury at the Palace of the Lost City in Sun City, South Africa. It was a jaw dropping, life changing, amazing 11 days. Cannon (far left) with his family

Upon our return, armed with memories and stories to last a lifetime (and about 25 rolls of film), I promised my kids that I would not go back again without them. So this past May I made good on my promise. It's one thing to see for yourself all that South Africa has to offer. It adds an entirely new dimension watching kids experiencing it for the first time (I don't know what I enjoyed more: seeing lions, elephants and rhinos up close, or watching my kids gaze in amazement at these incredible creatures). You can't come away from a trip like this unchanged. And isn't that what we're all selling in this incredible industry called tourism?

Kerry J. Cannon, Jr. GROUP PUBLISHER [email protected]