Acapulco Opens Tunnel to Connect Two Main Tourist Areas

The tunnel allows tourists and locals to commute in just three minutes from one tourist zone to the other.

Funded by a private and federal investment of over USD $200 million, Acapulco has launched the Marco-tunnel to connect the Golden and Diamond tourist zones. The tunnel allows tourists and locals to commute in just three minutes from one zone to the other, compared to one hour through the Avendia Escencia. The two mile long tunnel is the longest of its kind in Mexico

The three-lane tunnel includes 72 security cameras, fire protection system, 14 fans to control temperature and gas concentrations, a sound system to broadcast messages, emergency stations, LED lighting system, cellphone signal system and it can resist a magnitude eight earthquake on the Richter scale. The transit cost is 30 pesos (USD $1.60) for residents and 55 pesos (USD $3) for international tourists.

Additionally, Acapulco will debut a new state-of-the-art airport terminal by 2018. The new terminal will have an eco-conscious design and the latest in airport safety regulation, officials said. The building, to be located alongside the current terminal, will offer more than 194,000 square feet of space, nearly doubling the airport's current facilities. 

Grupo Autofin, one of Mexico’s most important private investors, developed a “Master Plan,” to boost tourism in Acapulco. The “Master Plan”  includes XTASEA, launched in March 2017, as well as renovations of the Pierre Mundo Imperial and Princess Mundo Imperial and the following new developments: Spa Tlalli, Turtle Dunes Golf Clubhouse, Gourmet Beach, Hotel Prince by Mundo Imperial, Hotel Marqués Boutique, Residences and Luxury Condominiums, Hotel Boutique Only You, Diamante Retirement Homes, Princess Medical Center, Premium Shopping Center, an eco-amusement park called Aventura Guerrero, a new tennis stadium, security towers, and Princess University. These projects are expected to be completed between 2017 and 2022 and will generate more than 10,000 new jobs.