All Clear in Cortina: Ready for the Winter Season

Photo by GitoTrevisan/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The bad weather that raged on Italy between the end of October and the first days of November has left quite a mark on the country’s northeast: heavy rain had several rivers overflow, while winds were so strong as to uproot trees and shook electricity pylons. The good news? Cortina d'Ampezzo reports that the destination is open for business.

The damage assessment after the event showed that the province of Belluno, where Cortina is located, was among the hardest hit. Nonetheless, the situation did not discourage the local population and, in a few days, everything was brought back to normal; most notably, all main routes are clear.

Cortina reports it is now getting ready for the upcoming winter season, which will start with the opening of the Faloria ski area on November 30, as lifts, slopes, restaurants and the accommodation sector did not suffer damages. In additional positive news, the ski pistes of the Tofana Area, the venue of the 2021 World Ski Championships, are being improved: The Olympia and Vertigine are being enlarged and slightly modified in their slope and bends, in order to fully respond to the requirements for the races. Furthermore, the snowmaking facilities of the area are being upgraded, three tunnels are being dug to enhance access to the slopes and work is ongoing to prepare the Finish Area at Rumerlo and the new road to get there. The improvements are expected to be completed before the 2019 Female Ski World Cup (January 19-20).

In town, several hotels are being refurbished, upgraded or even completely rebuilt in an effort to offer guests and athletes the best in view of the 2021 World Event. Some of them will open by the winter season with restructured rooms, new spa areas and new services. On top of that, the arrival of winter will be greeted by the opening of a couple new restaurants and celebrated by one of Cortina’s most sparkly events: The Cortina Fashion Weekend.


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