andbeyond South America Opens Booking


andbeyond South America has opened bookings for Chile and Argentina.

The “Best of Chile” tour is a 12-day journey to three of Chile’s well-known destinations. Travelers will visit the Atacama Desert, Santiago and Patagonia. The trip breaks down like this:

Day one through four will be spent in the Atacama Desert.

Day five and six will be spent in Santiago.

Day seven through 11 is when travelers will be in Patagonia.

Another option is the “Best of Argentina” trip, which will take travelers on a 13-day trek to Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Iguazu Falls and Mendoza. Here’s how the time will be used:

Day one through two will be in Buenos Aires.

Day three through five spent in Bariloche.

Day six and seven will be at Iguazu Falls.

Day eight through nine will be at Buenos Aires

Day 10 and 11 will be in Mendoza.

The last trip option is the “Fine Wines and Great Cities of Chile and Argentina. This is an eight-day trip that travels through the cities of Santiago, Mendoza and Buenos Aires.  Here’s what travelers can expect:

Day one will be in Colchagua Valley.

Day two will be in Colchagua Valley and Apalta Valley.

Day three travelers will be in Maipo.

Day four travelers will be in Santiago

Day five and six will be spent in Mendoza

Day seven and eight will be in Buenos Aires, where travelers will depart on day eight.