Art and Festivals in Germany This Fall

Bad Duerkheim Tourismus

Travelers headed to Germany this fall will have several top festivals to choose from. Wine aficionados will want to attend the largest wine festival as it turns 600 years old. Wurstmarkt is held annually in the town of Bad Durkheim. This year, the festival, which is actually named after the large amounts of sausages eaten at the event, is expected to attract more than 600,000 visitors. Wurstmarkt will take place September 9 through 13 and 16 through 19.

For travelers that want an experience filled with art, the city of Leipzig has an art gallery, SpinnereiGalleries, housed in a former cotton factory. During the Grand Autumn Tour on September 17 and 18 the 15 galleries will stage new exhibits. Guests will be able to see a range of art from contemporary, photography and sculptures. There will also be extended visiting hours and guests will even be able to see inside the resident artist studios.