Aruba Tourism Authority Launches New Digital Tool to Create Personalized Experience

Oranjasted, Aruba // Photo by Goodrich

Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) has launched a new interactive experience allowing visitors to share their perfect Aruba vacation before ever stepping foot on the popular Caribbean island.

"'The Happiness Builder' is a content-rich planning experience where travelers can explore nearly 100 videos featuring adventure, relaxation, romance and cultural activities in Aruba," said Michael Beaujon, digital marketing manager for the ATA, in a written release. "Simply pick your six favorite clips, add some happy music, personalize a message and share your own 'Shortcut to Happiness' video itinerary with friends and loved ones."

While the videos and customization features appeal on the consumer level, travel industry leaders also appreciate the Happiness Builder for its function as a dynamic, fully-immersive layer to the planning process.

Lee Abbamonte, a travel expert and the youngest American to visit every country, defines his "shortcut to happiness" as a combination of adrenaline-inducing activities, from ATVing through the rugged and wild Arikok National Park to catching trade wind breezes during a windsurfing outing, all topped off with a relaxing beachfront dinner.

ATA explains the Happiness Builder – unlike traditional photo or video web tools – allows visitors to begin their vacations early and enjoy the planning process almost as much as their time on island.

The Happiness Builder is also key in attracting new visitors who will venture beyond the beaches and explore all the destination's signature offerings. This directly benefits Aruba's economy, which is tourism-centric according to The World Tourism Council (WTTC).