ASTA Talks What the Cuba Decision Means for Travel Agents

cubaFollowing the recent changes to restrictions on Cuba travel, the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) has issued a Member Alert breaking down how the new rules apply to travel agents.

ASTA noted that a key question since the initial December 17 announcement of restored diplomatic relations had been whether travel agents booking authorized travel would need a specific license, as well as how travel agents would be able to certify that the travel they were booking was authorized under existing law and regulations. 

Today's announcement answered both questions, ASTA said. 

"Under the new rules, any travel agent can book travel to Cuba for their clients as long as the trip complies with current law and regulations and the client certifies as much," ASTA said. "That certification and other records must be kept for five years."

The new regulations will be effective upon their publication in the Federal Register, which is scheduled for January 16. 

The new regulations are available here. Additionally, the Office of Foreign Assets Control has a list of frequently asked questions here