Atlantis Submarines Barbados Says It's Unaffected by Sargassum Seaweed

Atlantis Submarines BarbadosAs the Caribbeanspecifically Barbadosbattles the Sargassum seaweed problem that has plagued the region with increasing frequency and magnitude over the past three years, Atlantis Submarines Barbados wants to let the public to know it has so far escaped the onslaught.  

According to an Atlantis Submarines Barbados news release, "There is a perception that there is seaweed everywhere but nothing can be further from the truth. The submarine dive site is as clear and pretty on the surface as always so far."

In comparison, the East and South coast have taken the brunt of the impact, according to the statement.

“Though the west coast where we dive has been unaffected, our safety team has met to discuss and put monitoring mechanisms in place," said General Manager Roseanne Myers in a written statement. "We have been experiencing the bump in business from Crop Over 2015 and this has remained strong for the first few weeks in August. No sargassum sorrows here”. 

Atlantis Submarines operates two, 48-passenger submarines in Barbados that provide the opportunity to see the underwater world in safety and comfort and to enjoy the reef and other marine life, during the day and at night.   

Sargassum, according to the resource guide for the Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST) published in July of 2015, is defined as follows: “Sargassum is a species of brown algae. There are two species commonly found in the Caribbean (s. natans and s. fluitans). It is free-floating seaweed and will not attach to the ocean floor; its movements depend solely on ocean currents. It is an essential habitat for over 250 species of fish and invertebrates.” 

Atlantis Submarines is encouraging its staff and general public to educate themselves on the issue. The CAST Sargassum Resource Guide for the Caribbean seeks to provide facts and direction to all concerned on dealing with this matter and can be found at this link  

Agents looking for more information on Atlantis Submarines Barbados, should e-mail [email protected] or Roseanne Myers, general manager of Atlantis Submarines Barbados, at [email protected].